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Free Shipping On Any Orders Over £75 (UK only)

Saab C900 Standard Clip on Wheel Arch Trim


Saab c900 standard clip on wheel arch trim, fits 99/90/900 c900 upto 1991.

For best results, fill the arch trim with a suitable anti-corrosion wax.

Do not attempt to bend the entire trim to shape before installation as there is a risk of it becoming kinked.

  • Starting at one end of the wheel arch, pull the profile open slightly and then press it onto the edge of the wheel arch.
  • Bend the trim with one hand a bit at a time while pressing it onto to the wheel arch with the other hand.
  • When nearing the other end of the wheel arch, cut the trim to the correct length then press it into place.
  • Press the trim again along its entire length to ensure that it is locked into place on the wheel-arch.